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Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as nine million Americans have their identity stolen each year. Having your identity stolen can create a multitude of problems, not the least of which is damage to your credit. That’s why you need Pinnacle Credit in your corner should this happen to you. We’ll help repair and restore your credit and take the steps needed to undo the damage caused by identity theft.

Rather than charging big tickets items with your credit information, most thieves make a number of small purchases in an attempt to stay unnoticed and undetected. Having a number of false charges on your account(s) can be much more damaging that one large purchase because each occurrence has to be dealt with separately. We’ll help you get everything back in order as quickly as possible. Here are the measures you should take if you discover someone has stolen your identity:

arrow_05  Report it immediately to the police (identity theft is a serious crime)

arrow_05  Get a copy of the police report

arrow_05  Take the proper steps, such as freezing the accounts, to end the abuse. If the theft is widespread, you

may want to close or freeze all your accounts and open new ones.

arrow_05  Contact Pinnacle Credit to begin the process of restoring your credit and clearing your accounts of false

charges. We will help you inform all the necessary parties including Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and work on your behalf until each and every false charge is corrected.

How we can help with the restoration process

The first step in the process of restoring your identity and repairing your credit is to examine the depth of the damage done including identifying each and every occurrence. In addition we will:

arrow_05  Help you fill out and submit an ID Theft Affidavit if required

arrow_05  Help you create a list of creditors affected and contact them on your behalf

arrow_05  Notify the fraud department at each creditor

arrow_05  Report your identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission

arrow_05  Place a fraud alert on your credit report

arrow_05  Contest fraudulent charges and withdrawals

arrow_05  Place a security freeze on your credit records

arrow_05  File a criminal report with the Social Securities Administration

arrow_05  Help you decide which accounts to cancel if any

Important! Some companies that offer identity restoration services don’t follow through with all the important steps needed to repair and restore your credit including making sure that ALL damages and erroneous charges are resolved and removed. At Pinnacle Credit, we keep working until your credit and identity is fully restored and we take great strides to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Finally, we’ll give you the knowledge and tools you need to keep your identity safe and your credit in the best possible shape. And we’re always here if you need us!