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Why Us?

There are a number of reasons why Pinnacle Credit is a leader in the credit repair and restoration industry and your best choice for all your credit needs:

  A stellar reputation of honesty, integrity and professionalism

  We offer a full range of credit repair services (some companies require that their clients do a great deal of the groundwork and carry out many steps of the process on their own)

  A staff of very well-educated, experienced credit professionals

  One-on-one, personalized and patient customer service during the entire process of credit repair

  An education page to help you understand the workings of credit

  A credit repair and restoration process that is custom designed to fit your exact needs

  Depth of services including:



  Charge offs




  Late payments


  Tax liens

Pinnacle Credit strictly adheres to the federal laws and regulations that govern credit repair and restoration organizations. No one understands credit repair and restoration better than Pinnacle Credit.
We are dedicated to helping you acquire and maintain the credit you need to live your life on your terms!

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